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At KTS Consulting, we offer a variety of services at significantly lower costs to the client in comparison to more conventional sources. 

Many issues exist regarding window/entrance replacement and maintenance. Questions can arise such as:

1. Do our window and/or entrance systems require replacement? Are these systems at an age when continued maintenance is too costly or even ineffective?

2. Do we have staff experienced in the field of window and entrance replacement? Are there available personnel or time to project-manage our window projects?

3. If we are not presently using a consultant for this area, should we consider finding someone with specialized knowledge?

4. Are we completely satisfied with our present means of window replacement assistance?

5. Are past or recent replacement contracts still under warranty?

6. Who can we contact to perform window condition audits of our facilities? Can they provide five-year budgets for the systems replacement as well?

KTS Consulting and Property Management is dedicated to providing the answers your need to these questions, the expertise you require as well as the trust and dependability you expect and deserve.

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