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About Us:

Our "Mission Statement"....

"To provide the utmost level of professional service possible with honesty, integrity and dependability - the level of service our valued clients expect and deserve"

Established in 1995, KTS Consulting and Property Management Inc provides our valued clients with comprehensive expertise in design, specifications, associated with building envelope components. Specializing in; structural building assessment, building envelope investigation, i.e. window/curtain wall/entrance design / replacement, roofs, waterproofing, foundation walls and exterior facades. With an impressive total of 100+ years combined staff experience and knowledge in the fields of design, engineering, estimating, installation, site inspection and project management, we provide the utmost level of service you require. Whether your project is in replacement or new construction sectors, our services can be tailor-made to your requirements.

In addition to the above services within the remedial / replacement industry, we provide sub-consultant assistance to architectural and consulting firms within the new construction industry including; preliminary design, specifications, CAD drawings and shop drawing overview re: building envelope. We also provide; 3rd party site monitoring and project review ensuring construction adherence to contract requirements.

Allow us the opportunity to meet and discuss how the commissioning of our services will benefit your School Board, College, University, Hospitals, Residential / Long Term Care Facilities, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government Ministries/Agencies, Condominium Corporations and Developers. Just fill out the request form and we will contact you immediately? 


6 Queens Court,

Grimsby, ON.

L3M 1C1

T: 905-643-3398

F: 905-643-3669

C: 905-921-2808


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