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Our Clients:

We are proud of our valued client base developed from the following industry sectors:

- School Boards

- Colleges / Universities

- Hospitals

- Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government Ministries

- ORCA - Ontario Residential Communities Association

- OLTCA - Ontario Long Term Care Association

- Condominiums Corporations / Developers

Common to the above industry sectors, many issues exist regarding building envelope maintenance / repair. A number of questions arise, for example;

- Do our building envelope components, i.e. windows, curtain wall, entrances, roofs,

foundation/walls and exterior building facades, require replacement and/or repair?

 - Do we have internal staff experienced in such areas of expertise?

- Are we completely satisfied with our present means of building envelope


- Who can we contact to perform condition audits of our facilities and/or provide

budget assistance for systems replacement/repair re: five-year building

maintenance programs and budgets? 

At KTS, we can provide the answers you need, the expertise you require and the trust / dependability you expect and deserve!

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